Design Dept Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2013 as a subsidiary of Key Alliance Group Berhad – a public listed company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Today, we are a multi-disciplined design consultant firm that specialises in modern-contemporary, lifestyle-oriented projects that are aesthetically-pleasing and fashionable, yet functional and of superior quality. Our customers can always count on us to provide young, vibrant, fresh designs that will enhance the way they live.

What's Our Unique

We specialise in residential and commercial interior design, thoughtfully and consistently providing delightful design aesthetics alongside a comprehensive range of modular cabinetry services.

We strive to help you realise your dream ideas from sketch, right up to the final finished home, combining functionality, appeal and style throughout, while being sensitive to budget considerations.

We always design with ambience and atmosphere in mind. By fully utilising material, texture, colour and lighting, we are able to capture the mood, character and persona that you want for your store concept or living space, as well as its surrounding environments.

Why Choose Us

We specialise in young, vibrant, fresh interior design that is aesthetically-pleasing and fashionable, yet functional and of superior quality, that just fits your taste and lifestyle.

We have extensive experience in commercial design and our portfolio includes the design of offices, restaurants and bars, and beauty outlets, to name a few.

We are detail-oriented and have the know-how and skill-sets to bring your design – no matter how complicated or intricate – to life.

Why Choose Us

We offer the convenience of modular cabinetry to fit out your kitchen, wardrobe, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet and other spaces, saving you precious renovation time in the short-term, and additional costs in the long-run.

We have a team of professional designer consultants that are ready to inspire, guide, enhance and elevate your design ideas to bring it to the next level.

We help you realise your dream design – one that’s tailored specifically to your individual lifestyle and personal needs.

Designer Portfolio

Tan Yu Wei

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Winai Charenrat

Project Manager

Dickson Ling

Interior Designer

Zeph Ong

Interior Designer


Sales Designer

Rigel Nui

Interior Designer

Carys Cheah

Interior Designer

Jasmine Thong

Senior Interior Designer

Yew Lee Yin

Interior Designer

Mohd Razif

Graphic Designer

Desmond Chong

Project Director

Lee Chee Thu

Site Manager

Mohamad Hakim

Site Assistance


Showroom Assistant

May Liw

Conceptual & 3D Designer

Cole Lai

Quantity Surveyor

Teh Yuan Ru

Interior Designer

Leong Suk Wah

Digital Marketing Manager

Evelyn Lim

Marketing Excecutive

Ashley Lim

Procurement Manager